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Guy Hairstyles, Winston‑Salem, NC

Jay Tomes creates awesome guy hairstyles that fit your style and flatter your face.

When it comes to guy hairstyles, if you have ever felt frustrated when getting a haircut because you’re not sure exactly what you want or how to communicate it to the stylist, you are not alone. Many men feel less than satisfied with their haircut experiences, especially when visiting chains whose main focus is to get you in and out as fast as they can.

Guy Hairstyles in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Jay Tomes, Master Barber provides guy hairstyles with an entirely different experience for clients in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Jay is passionate about his work. From a young age, Jay has been very interested in the hair industry. What started as observing others led to a small side job and has since become not just a career, but a passion for Jay. Jay has had extensive education and training and continues to learn all that he can in order to give his clients the very best. Over the more than twenty years that Jay has been working as a barber, he has mastered hundreds of guy hairstyles. His expertise helps him to know what looks flatter various face shapes, what styles to suggest based on your daily routine, and what products you’ll need in order to create the same perfectly finished look at home.

Jay takes his profession very seriously, with a determination to help his clients feel confident and truly happy with their haircut. If you already know exactly what you want, Jay can provide it for you. If you need ideas and suggestions for guy hairstyles, Jay can take the time to learn your likes and dislikes and find the best fit for you. Call Jay Tomes, Master Barber today to get the style you really want.