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Jay Tomes offers the best in guy haircuts with his professional male-specific hairstyling expertise.

Guy Haircuts in Winston-Salem, North CarolinaFor many years, a lot of emphasis in marketing has been put on women’s haircuts, while men are more often targeted for the quickest, most discounted options. These guy haircut experiences often result in haircuts that are rushed and fall short of the ideal look you may hope for.  However, many men recognize the value in a high-quality haircut from a barber that takes the time to understand your taste and can repeat or adjust your haircuts continuously to achieve the exact look you want.

If you are ready for a professional with extensive experience in guy haircuts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, come to Jay Tomes, Master Barber. When you come to Jay for your first time, he will take the time to get to know you, your likes, and your style. He will make sure he understands what your goals are with your hair and then work with you to create a professional, finished look you love. Not only will it suit your personal taste, but your haircut will also be one that compliments your face shape and lifestyle.

Jay Tomes has worked as a professional barber for over twenty years, with a deliberate focus on providing time-honored barber traditions and an expertise in male-specific hairstyling. He has loved and felt driven to work in the hair industry from a very young age and is passionate about his work. Jay realizes that guys haircuts deserve as much finesse and detail-oriented attention as any haircut experience.  He has worked tirelessly to refine his skills so that he can cut, sculpt, and shape your hair to perfection.

On your first visit with Jay, he recommends getting The Executive Cut. This haircut experience involves:

  • Thorough barber consultation
  • Precision haircut to your liking
  • Scalp Massage
  • Shampoo and scalp conditioning treatment
  • Hot lather straight razor neck shave
  • Hot towel finish

As you continue to meet with Jay, you will see why so many of his clients return often. Jay can also provide a professional guy haircuts experience for multiple generations and provides a father/son value discount. Younger clients always receive the same care and attention. When you bring a little one in for his first haircut experience, Jay provides him with a 1st Haircut Certificate. Besides his father/son discount, Jay also offers a first visit discount, and a discount to active-duty military and first-responder professionals.

Jay wants you to not just be satisfied with your haircut, but to love it. Once you have achieved your ideal look, he will take the time to help you learn how to best style and maintain the style. If you are interested in recreating the look Jay creates, he is happy to show you the products you can use to create a professionally-styled look every day.

Besides guy haircuts, Jay is also a certified color-chemical specialist. If you are interested in a hair color treatment, Jay can work with you to understand the look you hope to achieve and then use his expertise to achieve both the cut and color you want.

When you are ready to experience the professionalism and finesse Jay Tomes, Master Barber has to offer, give him a call to schedule your appointment. 

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