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Jay Tomes will offer expert grooming tips, so you can recreate your look at home.

There’s nothing like walking out of the barber shop with a fresh cut and neck shave. You want to recreate this look at home but feel lost when it comes to keeping up with your style and using different products. Jay Tomes, Master Barber helps men throughout Winston-Salem, North Carolina with expert cuts and helpful grooming tips.

Grooming Tips in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Your visit to Jay’s barber shop chair starts with a thorough consultation and ends with an expert cut and neck shave. At the end, he is happy to offer grooming tips and product recommendations, so you can keep your stylish streak going until your next appointment. One of the grooming tips he often suggests to his clients is using a scalp brush in the shower. He believes that, when done properly, you can alleviate up to 80% of scalp problems and promote new hair growth with this method.

The morning is the most important time to wash your hair. Dihydrotestosterone (referred to as DHT), is the male hormone in the oil that is found on the scalp. It can cause hair loss in men. Using the shampoo brush in a circular massaging motion with short hair, or just in one direction with longer hair, removes most of the excess oil out of the hair follicle. After you apply the shampoo into the hair, instead of your fingertips, use the massage brush again, to lather the shampoo. It lathers up a thicker, richer foam, with less shampoo. That helps the shampoo penetrate deeper, to neutralize more of that oil. Then continue to use the shampoo brush as your rinse the scalp clean. It rinses away more residue. The entire time it’s doing that, it’s stimulating blood flow and oxygen to the hair follicle, to wake up dormant hair follicles, and get everything in the androgen, or growing stage. I’ve seen hundreds of men grow back some hair naturally over the years with the use of the shampoo brush. I believe so strongly in the use of them, that for over 20 years they are a gift to every new customer that sits in my chair!

Along with using a scalp brush, another one of the grooming tips Jay frequently gives to his clients is to make eyebrow shaping a priority. Your eyes are one of the features people notice first, and when your brows are trimmed and shaped appropriately, they open up and brighten the eyes. This lends itself to a more masculine, professional, and polished look.

For more men’s grooming tips specific to your lifestyle and cut, make an appointment in Jay’s barber shop chair. He is here to help you look and feel your best and can’t wait to build a lasting relationship with you as your barber.

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