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A master barber is the best way to learn about the latest hairstyles for men and get advice about which would be right for you.

It can be fun to look back at old hairstyles for men as found in older movies or television shows and in photographs from long ago. While there are definitely some classic looks that never seem to go out of style, various trends work their way into society each year that can be fun to investigate. Jay Tomes, Master Barber has the expertise and experience to give you the hairstyle you desire, whether it be a classic style or something new.

Hairstyles for Men in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Sitting in Jay’s barber chair in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is a unique experience that is nothing like what you are most likely accustomed to. You won’t be rushed and pressured to get in and out in 15 minutes so that the establishment can make the most money. Jay treats you like royalty and takes however long is needed to discuss your desired hairstyle. He is happy to make recommendations based on your preferences, lifestyle, hair growth pattern, and facial features.

Once you have settled on one of the hairstyles for men that you want for yourself, you are treated to not only the haircut, but also an invigorating shampoo with conditioner, scalp massage, hot towel, and traditional razor neck shave. Not once will you be made to feel rushed because Jay believes this is an ideal time to relax and unwind.

If you would like to make an appointment to learn more about hairstyles for men and the wide array of barbering services that Jay has to offer, give him a call today.


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