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Jay knows which hairstyle will look best based on your face shape, hair, and other factors.

The right hairstyle does wonders for your confidence and appearance. When it comes to men’s hairstyles, however, you probably feel like you don’t have many options or the flexibility to tell your stylist exactly what you want. Do things differently and finally find the hairstyle that works for you by making an appointment with Jay Tomes, Master Barber the next time you need a solid haircut.

Men's Hairstyles in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Jay knows men’s hairstyles, which is why his clients in Winston-Salem, North Carolina make visits to him a regular priority. Whether you’re after a buzz cut, pompadour, crew cut, under cut, or combover, Jay knows what will look best based on your hair growth patterns, neck contouring, and facial features. During your consultation, he will thoroughly go over different men’s hairstyles with you that he recommends, and he will leave it up to you to decide what you like and what you want.

Jay will also suggest different styling and haircare products that can help you recreate the look at home. As a master barber, he takes your needs seriously and wants to help you find the perfect cut that boosts your confidence. His job is to continually hone his skills and receive additional training to perfect the way he styles men’s hair and to ensure a great experience with every visit you make to his chair.

Visiting a barber, instead of a large chain that just wants to get you in and out the door, is the best thing you can do for your hair and your confidence. Schedule your appointment today with Jay Tomes, Master Barber, and get ready for an experience that will boost your self-esteem and appearance.


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