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One visit to Jay’s chair at the barber shop will show you that you should never settle for less than what you deserve.

There are many times in life where you need to make compromises or settle for less than what you hoped for. Thankfully, getting a masterful haircut doesn’t have to be one of those times. Instead of going to a large chain salon, consider all the benefits of a barber shop instead. Jay Tomes, Master Barber provides an experience that will make you thrilled that you didn’t settle. There’s nothing like the confidence that comes with knowing you have a stylish, precision haircut.

Barber Shop in Kernersville, North Carolina

Going to a barber shop is about more than just how you walk out, but how you feel when you walk in and while sitting in Jay’s chair. The decidedly masculine environment is far removed from a chain salon. With the full treatment of an invigorating shampoo, relaxing scalp massage and conditioning, hot lather, straight razor neck shave, and hot towel finish, you’ll be wondering why you ever settled for less and be convinced that going to a barber shop is the only way to go.

With more than 25 years of experience, you can be confident that your trip from Kernersville, North Carolina to sit in Jay’s chair at the barber shop is well worth it. Jay is a wonderful resource for learning about current hairstyles and choosing one that complements your face shape, hair growth patterns, and other features. Call today to schedule an appointment to experience the luxury treatment of sitting in Jay’s chair at the barber shop and the confidence the best haircut experience you’ve ever received provides you.

Barber Shop in Winston-Salem, NC


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