Benefits of the Scalp Brush                     I  truly believe, that if properly used, the Scalp Massage Brush would alleviate 80% of all scalp problems. When you gently massage the scalp in a circular motion, even without applying any pressure, several things begin to happen: increased blood circulation stimulates nutrients to the hair follicles, oxygenation from within the skin begins to feed the hair follicles and fattens them up. The excess sweat, oil, and product build-up are all removed, again allowing oxygen to the pores and hair follicles. And all the dead, dry skin, associated with dandruff, is sloughed off, as well as the excessive cell build-up that is associated with psoriasis. ALL OF THIS LEADS TO NEW HAIR GROWTH! They're also wonderful to use on babies who have "cradle cap", as I have found out with my own.                                                                                                                                                          Every new customer experiences these benefits when I wash their hair in the shop, is educated on the benefits, and receives one as a complimentary gift for coming in! I also have them for sale if you'd like to just drop in and pick one up!

Masculine Eyebrow Shaping

     Studies have shown that one of the first things women notice about men are their eyes. When the brows are trimmed and shaped appropriately, it opens up and brightens the eyes. It also lends itself to a more mature, professional, polished look.

     Ever been talked into going to the salon with your wife or girlfriend to get your brows cleaned up because they looked 'a little dirty' (girl slang for you need your eyebrows waxed)? I've heard reports of paying anywhere from $12 to $20! And then suffering the humiliation of walking around being called 'Dr. Spock' for the next 3 months while they grow out (we all have a visual now of someone we know!).

     The traditional thing to do in the old time Barber Shops is, to just take a comb, use it as a guard, and rake over the brows to ruffle them up, and clipper the long 'cat wiskers' off over the comb. And that's fine for most guys, it's what I do. It's natural looking, of course, and opens the eyes up some, especially if the brows are real bushy. There are also rules for how much, and where to take off of the 'unibrow' (which I gladly and discreetly consult with every client over). The goal here is to "open up" the eyes, and make them look the best they can. Proper shaping is the key!

     Now, if there is shaping that needs to be done, and you're addicted to plucking, I can take care of that for you PAINLESSLY! If there are hairs on the temples, unibrow area, or if you have uneven growth (they don't match), I use the Straight-Razor on dry skin. IT ONLY FEELS LIKE YOU'RE LIGHTLY SCRATCHING YOUR SKIN WITH YOUR FINGERNAIL! PAINLESS! And the razor cuts it below the skin, so there's no stubble. It's as clean as tweezing or waxing, but without the redness. And I only charge a fraction of the price. 

Any by the way, cutting your eyebrows does not make them grow any longer or thicker than they already were. As you get older, if they're gonna grow, they're just gonna  grow.                                                                                                                  "... Very Pleased With His Professionalism and Attention to Detail..."                                                       - Galen P.

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